Mark DeRidder

Mark DeRidder

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Country * USA
City Royal Oak
Nationality American




I am a character animator and modeler with a passion for storytelling and evoking emotion in people through animation.

I have always wanted to pursue a career in visual effects and filmmaking thanks to movies like "Jaws" and "Star Wars" engaging my imagination. I thought the process of brining creatures to life through animatronics and foam rubber was fascinating and wanted to make this my career. However, after seeing "Jurassic Park" I found out that the coolest dinosaur shots in that movie were created on the computer and not from a mechanical puppet. I then realized the unlimited potential the computer could give an artist for creating believable performances.

From that moment on, I've been studying and enjoying computer animation and more specifically, character animation. My interest for character animation has grown during the last ten years from watching the amazing animated films from Pixar which have pioneered 3D computer character animation by building on what studios like Disney and Warner Brothers have established a long time ago.

Today, I am a CGI Animation Director and Modeler for Armstrong-White, a Detroit based "Render House" which focuses on creating photo-realistic renderings of CG cars for the automotive advertising industry. It's a great job which requires me to create believable images and videos using the computer. I am constantly learning and growing with the hopes to settle into a position at a company that will allow me to focus on character animation and creating believable and emotional performances for audiences to enjoy.


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